Wednesday 5/20/15 time 12:10 AM - Jenni


It has been such a hustle since the season was over! Phuuuuh!

I have spent my time by working, training, collecting finance and partners

for coming season as well as organizing everything that I can focus on speed skating as much as possible.

Hopefully you have noticed that I become a member of a team called "Oulu Talent Club" which is organized by city of Oulu. Here are the links for the news (in Finnish) about the team and here is the presentation of me .

I must say that there are some changes coming in my life as well as some interesting projects are soon to be exposed so stay tuned! One thing I can already reveal is that I am going to Canada in June. Thatīs going to be so interesting and of course fun! I am so happy! :) :) :)

Good night everybody!

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