Season has started

Wednesday 10/28/15 time 2:24 AM - Jenni



Wow, these few months have gone fast! Season has also started! :) I have already done my personal bests (pbīs) on both distances - 500 m and 1000 m. Must admit that the season has started good. I am also very happy to know what I need to do to go faster. I keep you updated!

Life is deffinetly too short to waste. Hopefully I can encourage people to follow their dreams. I have no regrets at all eventhought it is not always easy to focus on speed skating with limited resources. Normally the most scariest part is to jump out of the comfort zone and after that accept that you fail sometimes. Just breathe, believe, work hard and be humble! :)

I couldnīt do this alone and help is always welcome so feel free to donate or suggest collaboration. The best way to contact me is via e-mail:

Have a beautiful autumn, I heard Oulu got the ice already! :)

(picture: Memotime Photography)

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