Finnish Champs and New Year

Saturday 1/30/16 time 6:56 AM - Jenni

Happy New Year for everyone!

Hopefully your new year has started good. I feel that last 1 to 2 moths went super fast. During the Christmas time I stayed in the America, but on the beginning of the January was time to flew back to Finland. In Finland I was happy to meet my family and friends but also a very cold winter was greeting me! :D 


I stayed two weeks in the frozen Oulu but after that it was time to go to Helsinki where Finnish sprint and single distance championchips were held on this year. Preparation for the race didnīt went that good because of challenging (cold) weather but I managed to succeed very good at the race itself. I broke my outdoor personal best times on every start and won three silver medals, one from sprint (2x 500 m & 2 x1000 m) and one from both 500 m and 1000 m single distance races. Must say that races went better than I expected. I had hard time with everything (my mentally and physically stress levels) since the beginning of the December. My body just felt tired and lack of energy all the time. I took a blood tests when I got back to Finland and they showed that I had burden/stress in my body. Now that is under control and I am improving on that area too. :)

Must say it was again very prutal to notice how different sport speed skating in Finland

20160124_010545-1.jpgis compared to many other countries. Itīs amazig how so many good skater is coming from Finland despite the lack of facilities which of course limits the amount of skaters and

hobbyists. Not everyone are that lucky that they have chance to requlary go for camping abroad. I feel so blessed with many things: chance to do speed skating, my education, my family and friends, my health. Thatīs amazing! 

Now it is time to start working again! I just got back to Calgary on this week and I am ready to finish this season strong!

Have a nice spring time everyone. Work hard and make dreams come true! :)

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