Off season

Thursday 4/28/16 time 6:19 AM - Jenni

Hello and greetings from sunny Texas! :)

I am spending my off season and my first part of the summer trainings in here. I arrived on April 8th so almost three weeks ago. Well basically the off season is pretty much done now and it is time to start training with the program again.

So far I have met such an amazing people here! I want to mention Erin Truslow who has helped me to find a great place to train as well as offered her help for coaching me during my stay there. She is a owner of Big Pistachio Racing team. Erin has a lot of knowledge and experience to share! I also want to mention Castle Hill Fitness which is the gym Erin helped me to find. I love to train there! People are very nice and experienced and the gym itself is modern and very multifunctional. So far I have met many new people and I must say that I really appreciate each and everyone´s positive attitude. I feel so thankful right now! <3

I hope every one of you all the best! Finnish people I wish you enjoy the Vappu on this weekend. I wish I could get some sima too. :D My plans for Vappu are to do over two hours bike ride starting at 5 am and then go and watch triathlon competition. Good luck for everyone who is racing! People please remember to enjoy life, work hard and respect each others.

<3 jenni


                                   (Picture: Martin Jones / Photo-Photo)

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