New season, I am ready!

Friday 7/29/16 time 1:34 AM - Jenni

Greetings from Calgary!

Here am I again, in Calgary, feeling blessed to be able to train in such a great place. Training facilities are amazing! No complaints about the weather either. :D

Only minus is that I already got antibiotics to sinusitis and my bikes were damaged while shipping them here. However the antibiotics worked fast and I was able to continue to do training desbite the sinusitis. Also my bike problem should be fixed soon. 

What comes about trainings this summer has been different but very productive and multifunctional compared to past few summers. I have changed my perspective and training philosophy and methods. It will be interesting to see if I improve my results! ;) I just feel that it is time to go and do my best, with my individual skills. I am feeling confident but mostly calm. I have no rush to anywhere and speed skating doesn't limit me or value me as a person, it is only one of my skills. However I want to master that skill to very high level that shows speed skating is also one of my passions.

This week's Saturday we will have the first time trial of the year. I am going to skate 1000 meters! I am excited but also nervous - the first race of the season is always the weirdest. :D I am sure I can do good. My only focus is to skate well. Will see how it goes. ;)

Have a great summer days ya'll! <3

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