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Wednesday 8/31/16 time 6:18 AM - Jenni

Hello everybody! 

Everything is going pretty good and to the right direction. :) That's so great! I had just a couple setbacks. Couple of week ago I pulled my right psoas and as a stubborn person ("never rest before something is really broken") I just kept going, with some adjustments, but still doing sprint practises. Well, after couple of more practises my leg felt like someone was stabbing it so that was the clear sign to forget sprint for a while. After two weeks my leg recovered and I was able to do my first 500 meter race on Saturday, with some hesitations and securing, but still able to start!! Jihuu! :) Few days before the race I got food poisoning but thank God it is all good now.

My race itself was a techniqally and timewise good however I was skating just a little higher than in practices and still rushing a bit. For now my focus is just to put all the pieces together: start, back stretch, turns ans last straight. I am very motivated to skate faster and just let everything happen without too much thinking and analysis.

On my free time I have been working with my doctoral thesis (plus watching Netflix and Elisa Viihde, haha). Right now my work is to build a theoretical frame which is, in my opinion, the most loneliest, hardest and difficult part but of course a very important one. I've also been very blessed to meet new interesting people who can help me with both of my projects - speed skating and research.

Hope you all are doing good too! :) Remember to challenge yourself and stay positive.

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