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Wednesday 5/3/17 time 9:22 AM - Jenni

Greetings from Dallas!

I've been visiting here about a month now.

It took a while since my last blog post since I faced many struggles during last season. That's why I was a little bit down pretty much the whole season. Everything started with financing problems. I had hard time to find finance to cover all my expences. Unfortunately I needed to give up my coaching and start training alone. End of November I got very sick for two full weeks and obviously didn't fully recovered because the lung infection and sinus followed to that starting on Christmas. After that, again not enough recovery and a lot of travelling, I got sinus again and also seriously inflammed muscled around my lungs. Couple of days after arriving back to Calgary in January I needed to go to ER because I wasn't able to breath. Two more weeks rest in order to avoid getting myocarditis. All these sicknesses followed each other and the end result was no competitions for almost 4 months and woman seriously out of shape. Well, I did my best and managed to skate my personal best on 500m (including opener - first time ever I skated under 11 sec!)! :)

Must admit that I was mentally very exchausted when the season was over. Same time I felt frustrated because I felt I didn't get chance to do my best. However, every struggle has a purpose. Must just trust God and let it go! I am still pursuing my dream and honestly, feeling very strong at the moment. Can say that I've finally recovered from all my struggles, except financial. However, I am working on that one too! ;) You can help me with that! Please go check my TeamUp, become my fan and purchase either the Fan or Sponsor product. By this you can support my athletic goals! All the money goes directly to my sports fees.

I'll keep up one day at the time and try to get the best quality of each days.

Enjoy your spring time, go out and spend time with people! :)

God bless <3

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