South Jordan Chiropractic

Monday 6/19/17 time 8:44 PM - Jenni

I have a new wonderful sponsor from South Jordan Utah, South Jordan Chiropractic!

I am passionate to take care of my health. Especially as an athlete my health is the most important asset to get me far in my sport. It is also important that after my active athletic life I'll be able to live as healthy and less injured life as possible.

Dr. Jay Shetlling shares my passion! I feel so inspired and honored the effort he has already given to me. He is really paying attention to whole body not only the area what is currently hurting. I like that because to me the pain means a consequence. That means there's something wrong in my body. The trickiest part is that sometimes our bodies fool us to think that the problem is there where the pain is but it's not always true. Dr. Shettling's holistic approach and techniques help me to stay healthy and prevent from occurring injures. Beside his awesome professional skills he has such a great personality too! :)

Thank you Dr. Shettling and South Jordan Chiropractic! <3

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