New season, new strategy

Tuesday 7/11/17 time 9:01 PM - Jenni

Hello everyone! 

Yesterday I was finally able to start my ice season. Felt so good! :) I really like it here at Utah Olympic Oval. My first ice practice was nothing special, just get to use to the blades, position and the ice element again. I felt quite natural which is good! 

My trainings off the ice have been successful! I mentinoned the words "new strategy" at the topic. By this I mean my training program and perspective. I have designed my program together with my dear brother Joonas. First, I was forced to do that because I don't have any extra money. But now it starts to seem more like a blessing instead of a struggle. The program is very smart and has worked so far. I am happy to tell you more details about it if and when it'll become succesful on the ice too. ;) However, the coach-athlete -relationship via telecommuting in two different time zones isn't that easy. In addition I would still need someone to help me with my technical elements.

I've been very fortunate to have two new sponsors who can help me to become better: Thryve Fitness Club and South Jordan Chiropractic. They both have amazing and very inspiring people who are so professional in what they do. It is such a bleasure to work with people like them! <3

I have also set fundraising through Go Fund Me. Please make an effort and donate! :)

At the end I want to add something from my personal faith. I am a Christian. Lord is our savior. Recently I've faced a lot of stress. Mostly because of the new life situation. Not only being married but what that happy lifechange requires me to do since I am married with American man. I am Finnish and thus an immigrant in the USA. There's been a lot of paperwork, waiting and the process is not over yet. It still requires at least couple of months. I am a little bit unpatient to wait to get my work authorization because I want and need to work in order to make money and cover my expences. I literally own nothing very expensive right now. My husband Michael has been an incredible huge support during this process. It's not been only financial hardship but mental too. Beside the process of getting my authorizations I can't see my family or friends, I don't know when I can go to Finland next time, I can't really afford to do anything and in fact I don't really have many friends in Salt Lake City yet. I've found myself thinking if I have symptoms of depression. That's when we must have fait to our God. I love Jesus! I read something devotional everyday but obviously not enough. Since we moved to Salt Lake City we haven't found a church for us yet. I noticed that I am going further from God and try to depend on my own understanding. That's my personality - more stress, more I try to organize and make things happen. I've started to feel that God is watching and thinking: "Jenni, what is taking so long. Let me help you." From now on, I commit to build closer relationship with God. I just want to let you all know that things you see online and in social media are always the best moments and sometimes not even true. If you feel any stress or anxiety, just pray and trust God. I am still very happy and feel blessed. I want you to be too. <3 True peace comes only through God!


7/11/17 11:58 PM  Tracey Fitzhenry

Xoxo! Hang it in there :) this is exactly what I did I pray and trust in god whenever I feel stress or depressed I reach out to God. Thinking of you as always

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